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Quick Property Settlement for Asset Pools under $500,000

Updated: April 2021 – Case Study – successful settlement in PPP500 case. There is good news for parties to a family law property dispute where the net asset pool is under $500,000 with the launch of a new pilot pilot programme running in Brisbane, Parramatta, Adelaide and Melbourne registries…

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How to Win Choice of School Dispute

If one parent has sole parental responsibility, then they may on their own proceed to enrol the child where they consider is best for them. But what of the common situation of parents who have shared parental responsibility but are unable to agree as to schooling, whether this be…

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Alcohol, Child Custody and Parenting

Where alcohol consumption is at a normal level and poses no risk of harm to the children or other parent, it is unlikely that the mere fact of alcohol being consumed would, on its own, lead a family court to draw any adverse conclusions as to that parent’s parenting…

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Your Free Guide to Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is when a former spouse or former de facto partner agrees to, or is ordered to, provide ongoing support to their ex partner following the breakdown of their relationship.

This is known in some countries as alimony. The word “alimony” is not commonly used in the Australian…

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Exclusive Sole Occupancy of the Matrimonial Home

The issue often arises during relationship breakdown as to who will remain living at the former matrimonial home and who will move out. Some people can manage to resolve issue by consent; while others agree to remain separated under one roof. But in many cases agreement is unable to…

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Protect Your Property and Assets After Separation

Since the identification and value of property is usually considered as at the date of the final hearing, a common issue in property settlement after separation is how to prevent the dissipation of assets. Ultimately prevention is the best cure and the sooner a property settlement can be achieved…

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How to Divorce with Substituted Service

Unless you are applying for your divorce jointly, you will need to serve the other party. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that you cannot locate your spouse to serve the divorce application. This can occur for any of a number of reasons. If you are unable to locate your spouse,…

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What are Consent Orders?

If both parties have reached agreement about child parenting and/or financial property arrangements and want to formalise the agreement to make it binding, they can apply to the Family Court of Australia for consent orders. Consent orders do not need to be served. There are many potential pitfalls when…

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