My Divorce Is Not Going Well

If your divorce is not going well, you need to take action now before it is too late. The consequences of a poor property settlement or unworkable parenting orders will have drastic and long term consequence for your life and that of your children.

Can I change my divorce lawyer?

If you are feeling ignored or let down by your family law solicitor, or they are simply not getting you the results you need, it is never too late to find new representation. Jano Family Law can quickly take over your case and start getting you a life-changing result.

We pride ourselves on our approach to litigation. We have fought cases at the highest level, getting the best possible results for our clients. We have experience in high stakes, high-net-worth family law litigation, such as one proceeding which has been described by the presiding judge as being, “as complex as family law gets”.

Our clients receive unrivalled levels of service and responsiveness, we are dedicated to getting you the very best result from your case. Whether your matter concerns the best interests of the children or your right to a just and equitable share in the asset pool, Jano Family Law can help. It is never too late, or too early, to transfer your case to us and start getting the very best representation you can.

My divorce lawyer can’t cope and/or isn’t really fighting for me, what can I do?

Your divorce is likely to impact upon your children and your finances for the rest of your life. It is vital that you have a family lawyer you can trust to deal with your case effectively. If you are unhappy with your legal team, it is very easy to change to new solicitors, requiring you to lodge a Notice of Address for Service with the Court.

My barrister did not argue my case well or pressured me to agree to the other side’s proposal, what can I do?

The vast majority of barristers are competent and hard working professionals who have their clients’ best interests at heart and who act in accordance with the instructions they have received from their instructing solicitors. All lawyers, regardless of whether they are barristers or solicitors, must act in accordance with the law and their ethical obligations as officers of the Court, while respecting your lawful instructions.

If you are not satisfied with your legal representation at Court, it is probably the case that you first need to find new a new family law solicitor. At Jano Family Law we only instruct competent and effective family law barristers whom we trust and that we know will stand up for you in Court.

My divorce is taking too long, costing too much and going nowhere, what can I do?

Sometimes family law cases can get bogged down in a costly and ongoing mess. Your divorce proceedings drag on, while endless correspondence pushes up the solicitors’ costs. It may be possible to escape this situation by changing solicitors.

Can you take my case?

We do not accept Legal Aid clients. While we would like to help everyone, the reality is that we can only work with clients where there is a mutual fit. The first step is for you to make an enquiry.