parenting order

How to Win Choice of School Dispute

If one parent has sole parental responsibility, then they may on their own proceed to enrol the child where they consider is best for them. But what of the common situation of parents who have shared parental responsibility but are unable to agree as to schooling, whether this be in relation to a new enrolment or changing schools?

Changing Parenting Orders

In theory, parenting orders are intended to be final and remain in place until the child turns 18 years of age. Yet we all know that parenting arrangements are not static and usually evolve as the children grow older and the parties’ circumstances change. How does family law approach this apparent dilemma?

Child Custody

Introduction Most people will understand the terms “child custody” and “contact”, yet in the family law, these are outdated terms. The terminology changed as a result of changes to the legislative framework brought about by the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006 that came into operation on 1 July 2006. The old terminology …

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