Family law

Family Law Property Settlement Case Studies

When you come to think about what is a just and equitable property settlement in your situation, you will probably quickly conclude that the law seems to provide you with very little guidance. Your research has led you to understand that your property settlement should be “just and equitable” but how do you translate this into an actionable percentage (%) or dollar ($) amount? 

My Divorce Is Not Going Well

If your divorce is not going well, you need to take action now before it is too late. The consequences of a poor property settlement or unworkable parenting orders will have drastic and long term consequence for your life and that of your children. Can I change my divorce lawyer? If you are feeling ignored …

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Quick Property Settlement for Asset Pools under $500,000

Updated: April 2021 – Case Study – successful settlement in PPP500 case. There is good news for parties to a family law property dispute where the net asset pool is under $500,000 with the launch of a new pilot pilot programme running in Brisbane, Parramatta, Adelaide and Melbourne registries of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. If you are in a property dispute where the net asset pool is under $500,000 there is now a quicker and more cost effective pathway.

How to Win Choice of School Dispute

If one parent has sole parental responsibility, then they may on their own proceed to enrol the child where they consider is best for them. But what of the common situation of parents who have shared parental responsibility but are unable to agree as to schooling, whether this be in relation to a new enrolment or changing schools?